The Secret of Finding Affordable Kitchen Cabinets

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Remodelling your kitchen is likely to be one of the most expensive projects you undertake and it’s fair to say that new kitchen cabinets can make short work of as much as half of your budget. Whichever way you look it seems that kitchen cabinetry is way over the top expensive. It could be because getting a new kitchen has always been reliant on manufacturers, retailers and installers with the assumption that most customers also want a full kitchen installation, which needless to say makes a huge dent in your bank account.
However, you can do some of the work yourself, and by being a clever shopper and a little creative you can also save yourself a considerable amount of money.

Choosing your cabinets
The first important decision has to concern MDF. Whilst most people would prefer one hundred percent wood, it does drive the price up. MDF (medium density fiberboard) is at the other end of the scale and is usually seen in cheap kitchen cabinets, even those glossy looking cabinets you see in the big box stores such as IKEA. MDF is about as cheap as you can get but you need to make a decision as to whether you want no, some, or all MDF in your cabinets. Just remember that at some point MDF will let you down and they will wrap or sag.
Cabinets which contain a mixture of both wood and plywood have to be the best choice and many discount kitchen cabinets which you can buy online consist of a plywood box with solid wood doors. Ready to assemble kitchen cabinets are another good choice for cabinets which are cheap, but which won’t let you down. They are often made from maple which is tough and durable and lends itself well to a variety of finishes. Whether you are looking for black kitchen cabinets or white kitchen cabinets, you’ll find a selection of both and a whole lot in between.
Why choose brand names?
Why go to the expense of purchasing brand names like Kraft made. At the end of the day making a kitchen cabinet isn’t exactly rocket science and a great many online stores, such as the RTA Store, sell good looking cabinetry with very similar specifications to those of Kraft maid, including dovetail joints and soft closure hinging.
Extras cost more
Another way that manufacturers hike up the price is by adding “extras” which cost more than they are worth. For example built in carousels or turn tables will cost more than if you purchase one yourself for $10. Fancy glass doors will cost more than solid doors. Hardware purchased through the manufacturer will also cost more than if you source it yourself.
Finally you can attempt the installation yourself, or seek the services of a handyman or two rather than paying through the nose for a kitchen cabinet store to send someone along, since they are likely to bunch a whole lot of costs together, and you’ll never know what the true cost of your installation is.

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