Modern Kitchen Cabinet Makers in Melbourne Prefer Adding Glass to Cabinets

Glass is an excellent invention. Its use ranges to kitchen doors, windows and even cabinets. You want to transform the look of your kitchen? Consider adding glass to cabinets! Most modern kitchen cabinet makers in Melbourne prefer using glass to enhance the beauty of kitchens. Glass permits an easy way of displaying luring kitchen utensils, curios, dinnerware etc. The best thing about glass is the ease with which it can be installed. It also consumes relatively less installation time. If you desire to bring out an old world class image, then consider adding stained or discolored panels.

There are many quality kitchen designs that involve use of glass for you to employ. Replacing wood with glass is not a daunting task. You require a good quality router though. If you don’t have one, don’t buy it. Renting the router would be a prudent decision. Track the dado that holds the panel in the door frame. You would have to steer-out the rear edges of the groove first. This helps loosening the wood for easy removal of the wood frame. Thereafter, unscrew the hinges attached to the doors to separate the doors out. Keep the hinges loosely attached so that the replacement work can be executed quickly. Remove the wood panel and replace it with glass. Thereafter, tighten the hinges fittingly.

Things to Remember: There are some preparations you need to undertake before embarking on the job. Ensure the router you rent out is suitable for the job. Choosing an unsuitable router can wreak havoc on the panels. The panels can break or become weak, eventually turning to be unfit for any kind of replacement. Plywood panels are generally glued firmly in place. For an inexperienced layperson, it is impossible to change the bonded panel without ravaging the color.

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