Buyers Guide to 3M's Painter's Tape

The Claim: The 3M Company's (blue) Painter's Tape can be left in place for up to 14 days without leaving a sticky mess. Reality check: As with most products, they should also tell you what it will do if you leave it on that long – or at least under what circumstances it can be left on for that long. My experience proves it isn't a good idea at all. Home improvement is stressful enough without having surprises thrown at you; especially if you do it yourself.
I recently had the urge to do some home improvement. It's summer. It seems like a good time to paint a couple of the rooms that really needed it. Since we do live so very far away from any city considered large (I think ours has a population of way less than 200) I filled the truck with gas and drove the 60 miles to the nearest Home Depot. I thought I knew how much I needed of everything- their computer will tell you how much paint you need for any given room so know the dimensions of each room. While the friendly paint guy mixed my custom colors I finished my list. …

How to Paint Cabinets

Tired of how your cabinet looks like? Don’t throw that away yet. You can do a project that can turn it into a brand-new looking one. It’s just a matter of repainting it. If repainting a big one looks daunting, you may start with a small cabinet.
Materials needed
150-grit sandpaper
high-gloss enamel paint
latex wood patch
liquid deglosser
pad sander
paintbrushes (3-inch straight, 2-inch trim, and tapered sash)
paint remover
putty knife
short-nap paint roller
tack rag

First step is to empty the cabinets and remove any shelves. Take off the doors and remove the hardware. If the hardware is painted, you can remove the old paint by soaking the hardware in paint remover.
1. Wash the cabinets with a mild detergent. Rinse with clean water and a sponge, then scrape away any loose paint with a putty knife. Use the putty knife and wood patch to fill any scratches, dents, or cracks. Let the wood patch dry.
2. Sand the cabinet surfaces with a pad sander and 150- grit sandpaper. Wipe away the sanding dust with a tack rag and spot-primer the patched areas and any bare spots with primer. If the cabinets …

Removing Painter's Tape Without Peeling

Whether you're a novice painter or a moderately skilled one, there's always one problem that comes up after all teh work is done; removing the tape. If you're painting a room and would like to save yourself the trouble of painting the trim and ceiling, you'll want to use painter's tape. This tape is simply masking tape used to cover the trim around the floor, ceiling, windows, and doorways. It usually comes in blue from brands such as Scotch and Duck. The tape costs around three or four dollars for a sixty yard single width roll. What makes this tape different from standard masking tape is that paint wont bleed through and it's supposed to be easier to remove,
Once the painting is finished and the paint is completely dry, it's time to remove the tape. Normally it's recommended that you wait around fourteen days for the paint to be completely settled before removal, but this technique will fix the wait. The problem is, the tape is easily removed, but so is the fresh paint! If you decide to just go ahead and start pulling on the tape you will most likely end up with paintless spots. THe good thing …

Swatchbox Tools: Virtual Interior Painter

Choosing the right paint color for a room in your home can be one of the most challenging parts of renovating or interior decorating. Even with the color samples provided at hardware stores, it can be difficult to visualize what the paint will look when coating the whole room, and how it will match with furniture and other décor. Luckily, Swatchbox Technologies has created a solution to this problem. Swatchbox Technologies ( has created a number of virtual interior design tools, including a virtual interior painting tool. The Swatchbox interior virtual painter is easy to use, has extensive features, and runs smoothly within your web browser.
One of the most useful features of the Swatchbox virtual interior design tool is the ability to choose from a large number of popular paint manufacturers. Paints by Benjamin Moore, Glidden, American Tradition, and many more are included on the Swatchbox Website.
Once you have chosen your desired paint manufacturer, a new window opens. The new window showcases many different combinations of virtual room layouts. There are multiple bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens. You can even switch to an exterior view if you want to visualize changing your exterior paint color. …

How to Do an Onsite Job Estimate for a Painter or Fencebuilder

We could say this is about how to do a sales call. But we really don't operate that way. We're as far away from sales calls as you can get. I used to think of going to do an estimate that way, but I would always get caught up with the sales techniques, and other stuff, and not really pay attention to the customer's needs. Instead we do 5 simple things, and we do them in a very detailed way. Our results are really good!
5 Steps to getting the job:
Step 1. When the customer calls for an estimate:
It all starts with the initial call. When the customer calls, and in the construction business that's how it works. Through our contacts, customer referrals, and our advertizing we get calls. Try to answer within the first 3 rings, I haven't met anyone yet that likes to wait. We answer all calls like this: Brilliant Coatings Painting Co., this is John, may I help you. We say it in an uplifting voice pronouncing every syllable. Notice I said we, make sure you have a standard way to answer the phone and every employee answers like this, every time. No more, …

Three Ways to Decorate with a Canvas Painter's Drop Cloth

There are many ways to decorate with a canvas painter’s drop cloth which are originally designed to protect and cover surfaces while you paint. These versatile cloths are made of 100% cotton canvas duck cloth and are machine washable. They are also very strong and durable often with double-stitched seams. They come in several colors including cream or natural, oatmeal and mustard yellow. Canvas painter’s drop cloths are very reasonably priced between $15-36 for a 9 x 12 foot or 12 x 15 feet size. They are readily available both on-line as well as at local home improvement stores.
Decorate with a Canvas Painter’s Drop Cloth: Make curtains


Canvas drop cloths are perfect for making curtains because they come in such large sizes and are inexpensive. Also the canvas cloth filters out light and provides privacy. If you have large windows to cover, this is an economical way to do it. In order to make a curtain out of a drop cloth, simply fold over the top edge 3-4 inches and sew one seam, thus making a rod pocket. If you do not sew or your sewing machine will not sew thick fabrics, use iron-on no-sew tape or purchase …

5 Tips for Decorative Painters to Save Money

I have been a decorative painter for over 35 years. When I first started decorative painting I couldn't afford expensive supplies. I looked for ways to make the hobby more affordable. I would like to share some of the useful tips for decorative painters to save money that I have learned through the years.
#1 Tips for Decorative Painters To Save Money – Cheap Painting Palettes
Decorative painters don't have to pay for expensive painting palettes. Save the plastic lids from ice cream containers. Styrofoam meat trays work well, too. Wash them with hot water and soap. Use these cheap painting palettes and throw them away when you're finished painting.
#2 Tips for Decorative Painters To Save Money – Rubbing Alcohol
All decorative painters get acrylic paint on their clothing at one time or another. Save your clothing by cleaning the spot with rubbing alcohol before washing. Rubbing alcohol will also take ink out of clothing.
Use rubbing alcohol to give your paint brushes a thorough cleaning. It will take most of the dried acrylic paint out of your brushes. Soak brushes in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes, then wash with soap and water. Rinse well.
#3 Tips for …

Tips for Hiring Professional Painters

Below are tips on hiring professional painters:
1. If possible, hire professionals who have been recommended to you personally. Ask around to find customers who were happy with their results and happy with the overall work experience.
2. Organize a visual reference of what you like from magazines, brochures, or from this book. You don't go to a hairstylist without pictures of the hairstyle you want, do you? Be prepared so you can convey your vision.
3. Don't ask a professional painter to come to your house without expecting to pay a consultant's fee. Some painters perform this for free, but don't assume until you know for sure. Otherwise, you can visit them in their office or headquarters to discuss a potential arrangement.
4. Whether you are considering hiring an interior painter for standard paint jobs, or a decorative painter for elaborate finishes, be sure to see pictures of his or her previous work. Any professional painter should have a portfolio ready to show.
5. Be sure that you have discussed all of the following: what paint type will be used, what paint finish will used in what areas, if trim and/or moldings are included in the job, and other …

7 Ways to Become a Proficient Painter

Are you a candid or an amateur painter? If your serious you should know a few technical details to become a proficient painter. Splashing paints and dabbing a few brush strokes does not make you a good painter. You need to know the 7 key painting techniques to unleash your creative side.
To start with, try all seven methods and then choose one technique that best suits your style of painting. Don't just work on one technique and presume that the rest is not meant for you. You can even try to creatively combine a couple of techniques together to create an impressive and expressive painting.
Blocking In
In this style of painting, the artist works on the background, subject and the foreground, all in sequence. As an artist you should make a rough composition of what you want to draw on your canvas and the tones of colors to block in the subject. Then, the wet paint should be allowed to dry after which you add details, shades, shadows and more tone to the picture.
Sketching One By One
There are a few professional artists, who prefer to sketch, paint and add details in one section at a time …