Handy Tips for Designing Your Restaurant Kitchen

A good kitchen design means quicker service, better preparations, and ease of operation for chefs and kitchen workers. It is a prerequisite that you invest sufficient resources and time in designing your restaurant kitchen; make it so thoughtfully that it inspires your chefs to cook great food every time they go in!
Hiring a good architect and shop fitter for building or re-designing your commercial kitchen is crucial; for, even the fanciest equipment cannot make up for design flaws in case there are any. We give you a checklist of some essential design elements that may serve you well.
1) Keep Your Kitchen Sufficiently Spacious

Every seat your restaurant serves ideally demands five square feet of space in the kitchen. This fulfills the requirement for swift service even on days with the highest amount of traffic in the eatery. So if you restaurant serves 40 people at once, you will need to leave aside about 200 square feet of kitchen space.
2) Strictly Follow The Guidelines Laid by the Health Departments for Commercial Kitchens
The Australian health department lays down some guidelines for commercial kitchens. They are meant to ensure food hygiene standards for commercial places. We strongly …

Kitchen Renovation – Melbourne Residents’ Guide To Kitchen Layouts

Along with the bathroom, the kitchen is one of the most popular parts of a home that property owners often remodel. But kitchen renovation, Melbourne homeowners should know, goes beyond stylish kitchen design. As kitchens have become the focal point of many homes, be it for entertaining members of the household and visitors or for the simple preparation of meals, property owners should also take into account functionality.
And when you talk about functionality in relation to kitchen renovations, Melbourne homeowners should remember that ergonomics holds equal weight to design preference. That applies even to the selection of fixtures and fittings.
Kitchens that deftly combine form and function begin with the effective utilisation of the room’s layout. Companies specialising in the renovation of kitchens, Melbourne homeowners should know, will tailor solutions based on the preferences of their clients whilst taking into account the size of the kitchen as well as its shape. Here’s a brief rundown of common kitchen shapes as well as their advantages.
The U-shape kitchen is utilised by homeowners who want a kitchen that effectively uses available space and is particularly popular because it can suit just about any kitchen size. The island kitchen utilises a freestanding …

How To Update Your Kitchen Without Spending A Bundle

The kitchen is the most highly used room in the house. It’s the middle of family activity, with folk coming and going everyday preparing and getting food or merely sitting around at the kitchen table getting some projects done. You could be beginning to notice that your kitchen is looking sort of worn out. Nevertheless you may not have enough cash for a major kitchen remodeling. There’s no need to worry.

You might still be well placed to breath new life into your kitchen by making some cosmetic enhancements or basic replacements. Read this text for some great ideas you can use. If your appliances aren’t working as well as they used to, it is time to go up to something new. Household appliances are eco friendly nowadays, and you are able to save cash on energy costs by purchasing new models. Look at your fridge, and consider how your folks uses it.
A few individuals like the two-door model because they like the exterior ice making machine, while others like the standard one-door model because they’ve got more room to store massive boxes. Ovens come with varied features. This is your opportunity to get something you actually like, so …

Ordering Glass Splashbacks For Your Kitchen

Do you want a more streamlined and contemporary-looking kitchen? You can radically change the room’s style by tweaking just a couple of things. It’s really all in the details; you don’t need a major design overhaul. Sometimes, all you need to do is change one portion and the entire look is altered. In the kitchen, the splashback actually weighs substantially in setting the room’s decorative tone. Change it and you end up with a brand new look. If you want a more up-to-date appeal and a more efficient workspace, say “goodbye” to the traditional ceramic tile splashback and welcome the fresher and more practical option of glass.
Glass splashbacks look amazing and may just be the wow factor you could use in your kitchen. They are very hygienic and convenient to have as covering for your wall. Glass splashbacks for kitchens are particularly sensible, considering the kind of exposure the walls get from regular meal preparations. Of course, since you won’t be replacing the other features in the room, you’ll want to opt for something that would still go well with them. You can go shopping until you find the right glass splashback, or you can order something that’s customised …

What to Look For In Modern Kitchen Manufacturers before Hiring Them

Are you starting the construction process of a new house? Do you want to design your kitchen in the best possible way? Then you perhaps, require hiring the most efficient kitchen design company, within your reach. Today, there are a number of companies you can contact. However, you need to shed a few drops of sweat to ensure you have chosen a capable company. What are the parameters to classify a company as efficient? Here are some of them that you can consider:

• Impressive High Quality Service: First and foremost, the modern kitchen manufactures you decide to hire should be competent enough to be able to deliver prime quality kitchens designs. The company that recruits experienced and licensed professionals only, can guarantee superior quality services, at all times. They must be able to provide best quality materials available in the market. Now, you need to do extensive research to gauge a company’s efficiency. Today, every reputable company owns an official website and creates a customer feedback page. The CFP contains comments written by clients. You can go through them and check how satisfied the past and existing customers are.
• Reliability Quotient: The kitchen design company should be reliable …

Advantages of granite for your kitchen

Granite is used worldwide as a building material for house, kitchen and various other indoor and outdoor uses. Choosing the right material for your home might be a headache for you but after it is done you can actually see the advantages of it over the other materials. They look good in appearance that goes with almost any space. They are unbelievably durable and strong, making them unbreakable. They usually do absorb water but with the precautions and insulations you can prevent damage to it. Various advantages of choosing the granite are given below:
• Up to a certain extent, they are scratch resistant and its resistivity can be increased by insulation.
• They aren’t flammable so if by any means it comes in contact with fire, nothing happens to it.
• Staining causes no effect on granite as they can always be cleaned with the help of little liquid and water
• If any piece of granite gets crack in it or break by any means, you can easily find its replacement in the market.
• They do not require any special liquid or anything different for its cleaning.
• You can choose from a wide array of choices …

Kitchen Manufacturers – Auckland Residents’ Partner In Bringing Their Dream Kitchen To Life

Kitchens, along with bathrooms, rank way up in popularity as the part of a home that property owners want and do get renovated. While the bathroom is considered by many as a solitary space — a haven of sorts — the kitchen is an entirely different thing.
According to some kitchen manufacturers, Auckland homeowners like to rebuild their kitchens for a variety of reasons. Some want to increase the value of their home while others, partially inspired by design blogs and the proliferation of TV shows centered on food and cooking, want to upgrade their kitchens.
But apart from these, the kitchen has emerged as the true centre of the home, a place wherein all residents converge to share meals and swap stories. In the opinion of some kitchen designers, Auckland natives have become too enmeshed with their gadgets like smartphones and tablets that instead of watching shows in the living room, people would rather watch movies or play games on their gadgets. But while TV time has quickly been replaced by other activities, there’s no denying that a lot of family members still do look forward to sharing meals. And as such, the kitchen has emerged as the default …

Choosing The Right Commercial Kitchen Equipment

For any food orientated business to function successfully the correct kitchen equipment needs to be installed. The hustle and bustle of a busy eatery can be very demanding on equipment such as pans, cutlery, cookers and trays, so it is important to source the correct goods that will rise to the challenge.Assess Your Operation
One of the most crucial steps when purchasing equipment for the kitchen is to assess your business operation as a whole. A hotel, for example, will require a lot more equipment and facilities than a smaller bar or shop. Calculating exactly what you need and how it will be accommodated into your available workspace will help to keep down costs and optimise the productivity of the work environment.
Choose Durable Cookware
Choosing the right cookware can make or break a kitchen. Aluminium and stainless steel items are perfect for baking trays, pots and frying pans. They are able to withstand high temperatures and endure the manual effort required to clean them. Scrubbing off stains such as grease and fat is easy and the equipment can be restored to its original state. Cast iron products on the other hand are great at retaining heat and are best …

Kitchens Renovations on a Budget

Kitchens renovations do not have to cost a fortune. You can definitely redecorate your kitchen within a budget. Some ideas are discussed below to help you achieve your goal. Here you go:

The Walls

Use stamps and stencils on the walls. You will get them in any hobby store. You can also apply a fresh coat of paint to brighten up the walls of your kitchen. If you are planning to bring a retro look, use wood paneling on the walls. If there is wood paneling in your kitchen already, repaint it and you will be surprised to see the difference you have made on a budget.

The Cabinets

Paint your kitchen cabinets white for a vintage look, chocolate for a modern look or metallic for a sleek, futuristic look. Replace the pulls, hinges, knobs, handles, and the front of the drawers etc. with new ones made of inexpensive materials. Hire reputable cabinet makers Melbourne for these jobs. But choose them carefully and ask friends for recommendations if you want. Get quotes from at least 3 tradesmen before hiring anyone. Tell them to take a look at your kitchen and then provide the quote. Be friendly with them and …

6 Benefits Of Using Granite Countertops In Your Kitchen

Remodeling or improving the home has a number of benefits. Apart from creating an attractive and highly functional space that you can enjoy, you can also enhance the value of your home. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home and improving this room will directly affect the value of your property.

One of the best ways to improve the look and function of your kitchen is by installing granite countertops. The current popularity of kitchen renovations has led to new floor plans and designs that are more modern and attractive, and granite is one of the main features. If you want to make your kitchen more appealing, there are different types of granite countertops that you can choose from for your ultimate kitchen experience.
They come in different colors from those that are dark to light colored ones. They can be used to enhance any kitchen décor. There are several benefits of choosing granite countertops over other materials.
1. Durability
Granite is a hard rock and this ensures a surface that will remain attractive for a very long time. This strong surface can withstand every task that is performed in the kitchen and you will …