Cabinet Knobs

Finding the appropriate cabinet door knob can truly enhance the look of your cabinetry. With a wide variety of hardware sources to choose from, settling on one particular style can be easier said than done. Most interior designers will advise to first settle on the hardware materials that you would like to see adorning your hardware. Once this decision has been made, you be able to limit down the number of choices, making the selection much easier to choose from
Cabinet Knob Material Choices
For those of you who want to keep your handle costs low, consider selecting a wood or metal knob with brass plating. Plastic will also provide you with many low cost options, but can make a quality cabinet look less desirable. Ceramic knobs also provide an inexpensive alternative to more expensive metals, and will look best with bathroom cabinetry.
Stainless steel is a fantastic knob option for high use cabinets such as those found in kitchens, because it is easy to clean and maintain. Stainless steel also matches many home appliances, making it an obvious choice for many. In recent years, decorative stainless steel has become a very popular material and is now widely available from many manufacturers.
Many esteemed cabinetry designers will tell you that classic metal cabinetry looks best on cabinets with a rich wood tone. The highest quality knobs are generally made of solid brass or chrome, strong enough to last for centuries. These materials are available in a wide selection of finish colors, allowing you to select among traditional and contemporary colors.

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