How to Build Your Own Cabinets

Building your own cabinets is not rocket science. All it requires is a focused approach towards planning the methods and tools needed for the purpose. You can very easily procure the plans from your nearby home improvement store or search it online also. After having decided upon the plans, you can set your attention towards assembling the materials required. So, let us here discuss about how to build a bathroom cabinet in particular. The things needed are as follows:
• A miter or table saw
• Power drill
• Tape measure
• Nails
• Screws
• Fasteners
• Paper and a pencil
• Wood glue (waterproof)

The step by step guide on how to build your own bathroom cabinet is as given below:
• First of all, choose the area where you wish the cabinet to be placed. Measure its total area and write down the measurements of its height, width and length. You have to keep in mind here that the measurements have to be exact or else it can create a difference in the final look of the cabinet.
• Try and draw out a rough sketch of the cabinet that you are planning to build. You also …

DIY Bohemian Style Bathroom Cabinets

For those who find themselves living the colorful bohemian lifestyle filled with music, fellowship, and creativity, the bathroom can often be left untouched by such radiant personality. Anyone can paint a wall a different color or add a few candles and soap dishes, but these tips will change your cabinets and ensure that they reflect your personality and lifestyle!
First of all you have to add some color to your cabinets, and this can be done simply with some radical paint or designs. Stencils can be picked up at your local crafts store if free-handing is not your thing, or you can cut some out of thick card stock or used cereal boxes (for that eco friendly touch) . Fairly simple stencil designs such as crescent moons, stars, or suns can reflect your astrological views and add some flare. Glow in the dark paints often add a little something extra without the price going up, the only problem being the resale value of your home or apartment (most people do not want a glow in the dark bathroom).
In order to keep the resale value up and yet add your own personality temporarily attempt switching out the hardware on your …

How to Color Wash Your Cabinets

If your wanting a new look for your kitchen cabinets, may I recommend the color wash. It will give your cabinets an antique look that everyone will notice. Making the cabinets looked aged and beautiful applying the color wash is easier than painting. Following these simple steps you’ll love the visual outcome.
First, place a drop clothe on your floors and make sure all of the furniture exposed is covered. If you are able to remove the cabinet doors that is recommended.
Next, sand all of the exposed surfaces with 180 grit sandpaper. I recommend you use TSP, which can be purchased at your local hardware store or at Wal-Mart, mix this with the recommended amount of water on the bottle and wipe down all of the surfaces. This will attract and remove all dust. Keep wiping with solution till the boards looks clean and free of dust.
After the water solution has dried, apply painters tape to all of the exposed handles and hinges. If you are able to remove them it will make it easier for you when you are painting.
With the color gaze, mix it with the paint in a 4 to 1 ratio. That is …

Cabinet Pulls

Cabinet pulls can be found in a variety of materials and styles. If you are more attracted to the metal variety, many decorative hardware companies offer a vast selection of finish choices to enhance any cabinet. For those of you who are attracted to casual pull styles, I would suggest considering a weathered brass or nickel pull. Because each material will have a variety of custom finishes to choose from, you will be sure to have a versatile selection to browse through before making that final decision.
For those of us who are drawn to a more modern style, consider selecting a pull made of chrome or stainless steel to make a bold yet simple statement. For those who want to take a classic approach, consider selecting more traditional materials such as brass or copper. These metals will age nicely over time, giving you versatile metal that looks good both polished and oxidized.
If you decide to select a combination of pulls and knobs, attempt to match the materials, colors, and styles as closely as possible. Using a corresponding match will keep the motif of you cabinetry pleasing to the eye and more pulled together. Knobs tend to work best …

5 Tips for Decorative Painters to Save Money

I have been a decorative painter for over 35 years. When I first started decorative painting I couldn't afford expensive supplies. I looked for ways to make the hobby more affordable. I would like to share some of the useful tips for decorative painters to save money that I have learned through the years.
#1 Tips for Decorative Painters To Save Money – Cheap Painting Palettes
Decorative painters don't have to pay for expensive painting palettes. Save the plastic lids from ice cream containers. Styrofoam meat trays work well, too. Wash them with hot water and soap. Use these cheap painting palettes and throw them away when you're finished painting.
#2 Tips for Decorative Painters To Save Money – Rubbing Alcohol
All decorative painters get acrylic paint on their clothing at one time or another. Save your clothing by cleaning the spot with rubbing alcohol before washing. Rubbing alcohol will also take ink out of clothing.
Use rubbing alcohol to give your paint brushes a thorough cleaning. It will take most of the dried acrylic paint out of your brushes. Soak brushes in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes, then wash with soap and water. Rinse well.
#3 Tips for …

DIY: How to Install a Medicine Cabinet

Install a Medicine Cabinet | Better Homes & Gardens

You must be here because you’re interested in installing a medicine cabinet on your own. Congratulations on the decision to improve your home with a do it yourself project! Sure, it’s simple to hire a professional to do the work for you; but the feeling of accomplishment when you’ve completed a project all on your own is worth the extra elbow grease. This walk-through is for instructions on how to install a recessed medicine cabinet. Recessed cabinets are the typical type you will find in many bathrooms which are placed into the actual wall. The end result will be more stable and durable to hold all of your items without the risk of it falling from the wall, however they can look very beautiful in a bathroom.
Once you’ve planned where you would like your cabinet to be installed you’ll need to accurately mark the walls. This will be done using something such as a pencil and creating a rectangle roughly ¼ of an inch greater than the actual size of the cabinet. It is better safe than sorry and obviously, you won’t be getting the cabinet into a hole which is too small.
This is probably the most frustrating …

What to Look For In Modern Kitchen Manufacturers before Hiring Them

Are you starting the construction process of a new house? Do you want to design your kitchen in the best possible way? Then you perhaps, require hiring the most efficient kitchen design company, within your reach. Today, there are a number of companies you can contact. However, you need to shed a few drops of sweat to ensure you have chosen a capable company. What are the parameters to classify a company as efficient? Here are some of them that you can consider:

• Impressive High Quality Service: First and foremost, the modern kitchen manufactures you decide to hire should be competent enough to be able to deliver prime quality kitchens designs. The company that recruits experienced and licensed professionals only, can guarantee superior quality services, at all times. They must be able to provide best quality materials available in the market. Now, you need to do extensive research to gauge a company’s efficiency. Today, every reputable company owns an official website and creates a customer feedback page. The CFP contains comments written by clients. You can go through them and check how satisfied the past and existing customers are.
• Reliability Quotient: The kitchen design company should be reliable …

Advantages of granite for your kitchen

Granite is used worldwide as a building material for house, kitchen and various other indoor and outdoor uses. Choosing the right material for your home might be a headache for you but after it is done you can actually see the advantages of it over the other materials. They look good in appearance that goes with almost any space. They are unbelievably durable and strong, making them unbreakable. They usually do absorb water but with the precautions and insulations you can prevent damage to it. Various advantages of choosing the granite are given below:
• Up to a certain extent, they are scratch resistant and its resistivity can be increased by insulation.
• They aren’t flammable so if by any means it comes in contact with fire, nothing happens to it.
• Staining causes no effect on granite as they can always be cleaned with the help of little liquid and water
• If any piece of granite gets crack in it or break by any means, you can easily find its replacement in the market.
• They do not require any special liquid or anything different for its cleaning.
• You can choose from a wide array of choices …

Kitchen Manufacturers – Auckland Residents’ Partner In Bringing Their Dream Kitchen To Life

Kitchens, along with bathrooms, rank way up in popularity as the part of a home that property owners want and do get renovated. While the bathroom is considered by many as a solitary space — a haven of sorts — the kitchen is an entirely different thing.
According to some kitchen manufacturers, Auckland homeowners like to rebuild their kitchens for a variety of reasons. Some want to increase the value of their home while others, partially inspired by design blogs and the proliferation of TV shows centered on food and cooking, want to upgrade their kitchens.
But apart from these, the kitchen has emerged as the true centre of the home, a place wherein all residents converge to share meals and swap stories. In the opinion of some kitchen designers, Auckland natives have become too enmeshed with their gadgets like smartphones and tablets that instead of watching shows in the living room, people would rather watch movies or play games on their gadgets. But while TV time has quickly been replaced by other activities, there’s no denying that a lot of family members still do look forward to sharing meals. And as such, the kitchen has emerged as the default …

Greening Your Beauty Cabinet: Top Five Green Beauty Companies

The beauty business has caught on: green is good. And no, not just the kind of green that pays the bills. Eco-friendly makeup has flooded the markets in the last few years, with over 2,000 new "organic" products in the past year alone. Here's a look at the best green companies, whose innovative products and commitment to saving the environment have made them leaders of the pack.
1) Burt's Bees: Burt, the company's founder, started by selling quarts of honey out of the back of his pick-up truck. From there, the beeswax candles came, and from there, everything else made from beeswax. All of the products-over 150 of them-are either 99% or 100% natural with vitamin E, phthalate-free scents, natural coloring, and no preservatives. The company's signature lip balm, along with its starter kits and honey and milk lotion are among their best products.
2) Juice Beauty: This organic beauty line was started by two women with a mission to bring a healthier organic lifestyle to everyone. With up to 95% certified organic products and an antioxidant-rich juice base, this is one of the best lines to find organic products. Other ingredients that make this skin care line so irresistible …