Kitchen Renovation – Melbourne Residents’ Guide To Kitchen Layouts

Along with the bathroom, the kitchen is one of the most popular parts of a home that property owners often remodel. But kitchen renovation, Melbourne homeowners should know, goes beyond stylish kitchen design. As kitchens have become the focal point of many homes, be it for entertaining members of the household and visitors or for the simple preparation of meals, property owners should also take into account functionality.
And when you talk about functionality in relation to kitchen renovations, Melbourne homeowners should remember that ergonomics holds equal weight to design preference. That applies even to the selection of fixtures and fittings.
Kitchens that deftly combine form and function begin with the effective utilisation of the room’s layout. Companies specialising in the renovation of kitchens, Melbourne homeowners should know, will tailor solutions based on the preferences of their clients whilst taking into account the size of the kitchen as well as its shape. Here’s a brief rundown of common kitchen shapes as well as their advantages.
The U-shape kitchen is utilised by homeowners who want a kitchen that effectively uses available space and is particularly popular because it can suit just about any kitchen size. The island kitchen utilises a freestanding work area which is versatile enough to suit a variety of purposes including food prep and informal dining. On top of that, it can also be used for storage. One drawback of this design is that it needs ample space between the benches to ensure ease of household traffic.
The L-shape kitchen layout works best with larger kitchens or those which are long or narrow. By adjoining the kitchen with other parts of the home, homeowners can have ample space to allow two cooks to work together while leaving ample space for a meal area.
If one part of the room needs to be closed to traffic, then the best option would be to use a galley kitchen layout. This will allow homeowners to utilise space more effectively, with storage placed above or beneath the bench.
If space is limited, the one wall kitchen is the perfect solution. Appliances and cabinets are placed against one wall while storage is typically placed overhead. Bi-fold doors can also be used to maximise space.
The open plan kitchen with walk-in pantry combines the features of an enclosed workspace with that of an open plan space. This means homeowners have ample storage space as well as extra room for food preparation and appliances.

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