How to Build Your Own Cabinets

Building your own cabinets is not rocket science. All it requires is a focused approach towards planning the methods and tools needed for the purpose. You can very easily procure the plans from your nearby home improvement store or search it online also. After having decided upon the plans, you can set your attention towards assembling the materials required. So, let us here discuss about how to build a bathroom cabinet in particular. The things needed are as follows:
• A miter or table saw
• Power drill
• Tape measure
• Nails
• Screws
• Fasteners
• Paper and a pencil
• Wood glue (waterproof)

The step by step guide on how to build your own bathroom cabinet is as given below:
• First of all, choose the area where you wish the cabinet to be placed. Measure its total area and write down the measurements of its height, width and length. You have to keep in mind here that the measurements have to be exact or else it can create a difference in the final look of the cabinet.
• Try and draw out a rough sketch of the cabinet that you are planning to build. You also have the option of visualizing the cabinet in 3D by using a CAD program which can in turn help you in deciding the list of materials required for the purpose.
• You have to keep in mind that the bathroom is a moist place and needs extra precaution while choosing the wood with which you are planning to build the cabinets. Make sure that you add a wood sealer and stain or paint to the list of materials that you have prepared.
• Also add hinges, knobs and handles to your materials list as hardware is a major criterion to focus on while building a cabinet.
• Always opt for choosing the lumber first while shopping for your cabinet. Clear boards with lesser imperfections are best for cabinets. Make sure that the lumber which you are choosing is surfaced on all four sides.
• Choose the stain/paint with extra care so that it can face the moist environment of the bathroom. You can also buy some polyurethane to keep your cabinets fresh and new.
• Use the table/miter saw to cut the lumber according to your desirable size and shape. After doing so, you have to place each of the sections of the frame on the work surface to glue and fasten them with screws and nails.
• Now you shall have to fasten the four sides of the frame together with glue and nails and then crosscheck to make sure they are square before the glue dries off.
• Now attach backboards and sideboards to the cabinet.
• Use the paint and wood stain that you had purchased on the cabinets and drawers and then allow them to completely dry off.
• Now use the hinges to attach doors to the cabinet front and after that attach the handles on them.
• Just install this cabinet onto the area that you had pre-selected as the space for your bathroom cabinet.

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