Betsy Fields Knobs

The Betsy Fields line offers a unique selection of decorative knobs, all focusing on beauty and originality. All pulls are available in pewter, aluminum, and ceramic materials exhibiting the highest quality craftsmanship around. Because this is a designer line, finding an exact match to existing hardware will not be easy.
That said, the Betsy Fields line takes a innovative approach to cabinet knob design, so it will be easy to create a fresh, sophisticated look no matter which hardware collection you decide to choose from. All products from this line come with a limited lifetime warranty, offering the promise of durability and unparalleled quality in design. With hundreds of items to choose from, it will be easy to find a knob that appeals to your particular aesthetic.
Colorful Knob Options
If it is color you are seeking, Betsy Fields offers a variety of choices in quality material and designs. Most hardware manufacturers make their colorful knobs out of plastic, sacrificing durability. With Betsy Fields' selection, you will not need to trade color for quality. Their ceramic line is inspired by Henri Matisse, one of the most important French painters of the 20th century. As a result, this product line offers …

Belwith Handles

Belwith offers an extensive line of decorative handles with many size variations for each design style. When working with cabinetry that contains a variety of cupboards and drawers, some customers choose to purchase larger handles for the cupboards, and opt for the smaller, corresponding version for the drawers themselves. Other options include combining both knobs and pulls in order to give the cabinetry more variety without mismatching hardware that might look out of place.
For consumers who simply want to add handles to existing cabinetry, Belwith is a good resource for providing most consumers with a close, if not exact match. Additionally, because of the extensive materials and finishes available, it is very easy to find a knob or pull that will provide a nice corresponding alternative for those who like to combine handle styles within their design schemes.
Warranty and Maintenance Information
The large majority of all Belwith Handles carry a warranty. In particular, all handles with the Egyptian lacquer have a 100-year lifetime guarantee on them. If at anytime a part begins to tarnish or become defective, Belwith will replace the item after it is inspected to determine the cause of corrosion.
All other parts without that specific …