Cabinet Hinges

When selecting cabinet hinges, you will first want to determine whether or not you want the hinges to be visible. Many types of hinges can be internally installed, making them completely invisible from the outside. Visible hinge styles range from the simplest interlocking hinge to those with ornate straps and designs. Although hinges are available in many materials, Most hinges are made of solid brass for the sake of strength and durability.
Selecting a Hinge Style
Most manufacturers have many different hinge applications to choose from including overlay, inset, offset, demountable, variable overlay, reverse bevel, and so on. Overlay hinges will only allow you to see the actual hinge mechanism, while the face frame mount will be attached to the inside of the cabinet door, remaining unseen from the front. Concealed hinges are internal, even the hinge mechanism remains concealed from within the cabinet. As a result, these hinges work very well on modern, angular cabinetry, and are considerably more expensive than other hinge choices.

Inset hinges tend to be more decorative because they are completely visible from outside the cabinetry. As a result, inset hinges are available in a wide variety of finishes, depending on the manufacturer. This type of hinge is best used on cabinet doors that are relatively light in weight, and do not require excessive reinforcement.
If your cabinets require a heavy duty hinge, but you prefer the look of an ornamental, decorative hinge, consider using separate hinge straps to enhance the look of your hinge. Straps can be used with almost any hinge style that has a visible hinge interlocking mechanism. These straps can be thin and simple for a more delicate look, or bold and dark for a more rustic look.

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