How to Do an Onsite Job Estimate for a Painter or Fencebuilder

We could say this is about how to do a sales call. But we really don't operate that way. We're as far away from sales calls as you can get. I used to think of going to do an estimate that way, but I would always get caught up with the sales techniques, and other stuff, and not really pay attention to the customer's needs. Instead we do 5 simple things, and we do them in a very detailed way. Our results are really good!
5 Steps to getting the job:
Step 1. When the customer calls for an estimate:
It all starts with the initial call. When the customer calls, and in the construction business that's how it works. Through our contacts, customer referrals, and our advertizing we get calls. Try to answer within the first 3 rings, I haven't met anyone yet that likes to wait. We answer all calls like this: Brilliant Coatings Painting Co., this is John, may I help you. We say it in an uplifting voice pronouncing every syllable. Notice I said we, make sure you have a standard way to answer the phone and every employee answers like this, every time. No more, …

Three Ways to Decorate with a Canvas Painter's Drop Cloth

There are many ways to decorate with a canvas painter’s drop cloth which are originally designed to protect and cover surfaces while you paint. These versatile cloths are made of 100% cotton canvas duck cloth and are machine washable. They are also very strong and durable often with double-stitched seams. They come in several colors including cream or natural, oatmeal and mustard yellow. Canvas painter’s drop cloths are very reasonably priced between $15-36 for a 9 x 12 foot or 12 x 15 feet size. They are readily available both on-line as well as at local home improvement stores.
Decorate with a Canvas Painter’s Drop Cloth: Make curtains


Canvas drop cloths are perfect for making curtains because they come in such large sizes and are inexpensive. Also the canvas cloth filters out light and provides privacy. If you have large windows to cover, this is an economical way to do it. In order to make a curtain out of a drop cloth, simply fold over the top edge 3-4 inches and sew one seam, thus making a rod pocket. If you do not sew or your sewing machine will not sew thick fabrics, use iron-on no-sew tape or purchase …

Ordering Glass Splashbacks For Your Kitchen

Do you want a more streamlined and contemporary-looking kitchen? You can radically change the room’s style by tweaking just a couple of things. It’s really all in the details; you don’t need a major design overhaul. Sometimes, all you need to do is change one portion and the entire look is altered. In the kitchen, the splashback actually weighs substantially in setting the room’s decorative tone. Change it and you end up with a brand new look. If you want a more up-to-date appeal and a more efficient workspace, say “goodbye” to the traditional ceramic tile splashback and welcome the fresher and more practical option of glass.
Glass splashbacks look amazing and may just be the wow factor you could use in your kitchen. They are very hygienic and convenient to have as covering for your wall. Glass splashbacks for kitchens are particularly sensible, considering the kind of exposure the walls get from regular meal preparations. Of course, since you won’t be replacing the other features in the room, you’ll want to opt for something that would still go well with them. You can go shopping until you find the right glass splashback, or you can order something that’s customised …

DIY: Build a Corner Cabinet

The room is full of furniture, and still more trinkets need display space. The picture- filled walls look wonderful, but the corners are bare. Eureka! The corners! The answer is simple: build a corner cabinet and hang in the space.
Corner cabinets have many uses in the home. There are corner medicine cabinets, corner lavatory cabinets for bathrooms, corner TV stand cabinets, corner china cabinets, and many more.
Building a corner cabinet takes a little more planning than a regular cabinet. Easily modify this project for a larger cabinet that can sit on the floor. If a larger cabinet is desired or if something will sit on the cabinet, upgrade the plywood to ¾-inch and the MDF to 3/8-inch or ½-inch plywood.
This project will make a cabinet that is 12-inches high and wide. Hung in the corner, it will allow for storage of objects. Although this has a single inside space, more shelving can be added later or when the project is built.
You will need:
• ½- inch furniture grade plywood
• ¾- inch, 3/8-inch and 1-inch #8 wood screws
• wood glue
• Bar clamps
• ¼- inch MDF for inside shelves
• 2 Corner clamps
• …

Useful guidelines for displaying your collection in a china cabinet

Nowadays, china cabinets have changed quite a lot from what they used to be. They are no longer used just to display old heirlooms, nowadays they are used to display all kinds of collectibles such as mementos collected during trips, books, various collectibles and any other types of items which can fit in the tight display area of a china cabinet. The only thing you need to remember when displaying any kind of items in a china cabinet is that the cabinet needs to remain uncluttered and needs to look as balanced as possible. Here is a quick guide on how to display your valuable collection in china cabinets properly:
First of all, you need to think of a theme for the whole design. The best way to do it is to choose the same theme as theme for the room the china cabinet is in. For example, in case the design of the room is in the Victorian style you need to choose items for display that fit this style and contribute to the design.
When you are arranging the items in the china cabinet make sure you do not make it overcrowded. There should never be too many …

Cabinet Hinges

When selecting cabinet hinges, you will first want to determine whether or not you want the hinges to be visible. Many types of hinges can be internally installed, making them completely invisible from the outside. Visible hinge styles range from the simplest interlocking hinge to those with ornate straps and designs. Although hinges are available in many materials, Most hinges are made of solid brass for the sake of strength and durability.
Selecting a Hinge Style
Most manufacturers have many different hinge applications to choose from including overlay, inset, offset, demountable, variable overlay, reverse bevel, and so on. Overlay hinges will only allow you to see the actual hinge mechanism, while the face frame mount will be attached to the inside of the cabinet door, remaining unseen from the front. Concealed hinges are internal, even the hinge mechanism remains concealed from within the cabinet. As a result, these hinges work very well on modern, angular cabinetry, and are considerably more expensive than other hinge choices.

Inset hinges tend to be more decorative because they are completely visible from outside the cabinetry. As a result, inset hinges are available in a wide variety of finishes, depending on the manufacturer. This …

Green and Clean: Raid Your Cabinets for Effective Non-toxic Cleansers

Quick–what's the chemical formula for water? H2O, right? Everyone knows that one. What about hydrogen peroxide? Just add another oxygen–H2O2. Because it's sold at drug stores, many people don't think of peroxide as non-toxic. But, believe it or not, your body naturally produces peroxide each and every day. It's the extra oxygen in H2O2 that makes it a powerful cleanser, strong enough to conquer tough stains including blood. Use it on furniture, carpets or to pre-treat laundry stains. Other synthetic, not-so-green oxygen-based cleanser can cost you anywhere from $6 to $10. A bottle of hydrogen peroxide from your local drugstore will run you about $0.50.
Soap. Yup, I said it, good old fashion soap. Soap is one of the most natural products on earth. Ever wonder how it was discovered? Legend has it that many millenia ago, villagers were sacrificing animals on a hilltop temple overlooking a beautiful river. The fat from the animals would drip down the hillside where it would run down along limestones before ending up in the river below. Women from the village began to notice that their clothes became cleaner when they washed them in the section of the river below the temple. At first, …

Betsy Fields Knobs

The Betsy Fields line offers a unique selection of decorative knobs, all focusing on beauty and originality. All pulls are available in pewter, aluminum, and ceramic materials exhibiting the highest quality craftsmanship around. Because this is a designer line, finding an exact match to existing hardware will not be easy.
That said, the Betsy Fields line takes a innovative approach to cabinet knob design, so it will be easy to create a fresh, sophisticated look no matter which hardware collection you decide to choose from. All products from this line come with a limited lifetime warranty, offering the promise of durability and unparalleled quality in design. With hundreds of items to choose from, it will be easy to find a knob that appeals to your particular aesthetic.
Colorful Knob Options
If it is color you are seeking, Betsy Fields offers a variety of choices in quality material and designs. Most hardware manufacturers make their colorful knobs out of plastic, sacrificing durability. With Betsy Fields' selection, you will not need to trade color for quality. Their ceramic line is inspired by Henri Matisse, one of the most important French painters of the 20th century. As a result, this product line offers …

Color Washing Your Cabinets Can Transform a Kitchen or Bathroom

Give your kitchen or bathroom new life by color washing the cabinets! "Color wash" is a technique in which you use a mixture of paint and glaze over a base coat. It's a rich, textured and visually interesting look, rather than a perfect (but bland) finish.
Even after you know the colors you want to use, there are decisions to make as to how you will use those colors. The more subtle you want the overall effect to be, the closer the shades of colors should be. If a suede-like effect appeals to you, choose paint and glaze that are just two shades apart, in the same color family. If you want a bolder, more dramatic affect, then use complementary colors, like blue and green. If you want an antiqued finish, use a darker color wash over a lighter base coat. If you want to brighten a room yet create depth, use a lighter color wash over a darker base coat.
You can create different effects with different applications. Dabbing the color wash with a sponge creates a textured look; dabbing with a cloth is more subtle. Either a sponge or cloth can create a different effect if you apply …

Cabinet Accessories

In order to make the most of your cabinet space, you may want to consider installing an organizational unit to increase your cabinet's storage capacity. Most organizational aspects are hidden away from the eye when the cabinet doors are closed, while some units attach to the bottom of your cabinet base, providing additional storage that is visible to all. With organizational accessories made of a variety of materials, you are bound to find options within any price range.
Accessory Options for Every Room
It seems that kitchens require more space and storage than any other room in the house, and that many people are always struggling to fit all of their appliances in cupboards to increase countertop space. A good cabinet organizer will assist with this task, allowing you to clear off your countertops and free up your workspace. Adding a lazy susan to your pantry cabinet will eliminate negative space and allow you to place more items in your cabinet without having them lost in the shadows.
Built-in ironing centers have become very popular again, and can easily be added to a cabinet without taking up more than two inches of space from against the cabinet door. Back-splash accessories …