5 Tips for Decorative Painters to Save Money

I have been a decorative painter for over 35 years. When I first started decorative painting I couldn't afford expensive supplies. I looked for ways to make the hobby more affordable. I would like to share some of the useful tips for decorative painters to save money that I have learned through the years.
#1 Tips for Decorative Painters To Save Money – Cheap Painting Palettes
Decorative painters don't have to pay for expensive painting palettes. Save the plastic lids from ice cream containers. Styrofoam meat trays work well, too. Wash them with hot water and soap. Use these cheap painting palettes and throw them away when you're finished painting.
#2 Tips for Decorative Painters To Save Money – Rubbing Alcohol
All decorative painters get acrylic paint on their clothing at one time or another. Save your clothing by cleaning the spot with rubbing alcohol before washing. Rubbing alcohol will also take ink out of clothing.
Use rubbing alcohol to give your paint brushes a thorough cleaning. It will take most of the dried acrylic paint out of your brushes. Soak brushes in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes, then wash with soap and water. Rinse well.
#3 Tips for Decorative Painters To Save Money – Baby Wipes
Baby wipes are useful to have on hand when decorative painting. Buy the cheapest brands that have more alcohol in them. Keep a box beside you to clean up mistakes on your projects, wipe up messes, and clean your hands while painting.
#4 Tips for Decorative Painting To Save Money – Brush Basins
A cheap alternative to expensive brush basins is a coffee mug. It is cheap, cleans easily, and makes a perfect brush basin. Remember not to let your paint brushes soak in the water while you're painting. This will destroy paint brushes faster than anything else you do to them.
#5 Tips for Decorative Painters To Save Money – Brush Storage
A lot of decorative painters often travel with paint brushes and supplies to go to classes, a friend's home, or on vacation. For cheap brush storage when traveling you can use an empty Pringle's can. It provides a safe place to carry your paint brushes so the bristles won't be damaged.
I use a Pampered Chef Tool Turn-Around ($18) to store my paint brushes at home. This spinning container provides plenty of space for brushes, pencils, stylus', scissors, and other odds and ends.
These 5 tips for decorative painters to save money will help make decorative painting affordable for you. Paint to your heart's content and save your money for new paints!

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