Handy Tips for Designing Your Restaurant Kitchen

A good kitchen design means quicker service, better preparations, and ease of operation for chefs and kitchen workers. It is a prerequisite that you invest sufficient resources and time in designing your restaurant kitchen; make it so thoughtfully that it inspires your chefs to cook great food every time they go in!
Hiring a good architect and shop fitter for building or re-designing your commercial kitchen is crucial; for, even the fanciest equipment cannot make up for design flaws in case there are any. We give you a checklist of some essential design elements that may serve you well.
1) Keep Your Kitchen Sufficiently Spacious

Every seat your restaurant serves ideally demands five square feet of space in the kitchen. This fulfills the requirement for swift service even on days with the highest amount of traffic in the eatery. So if you restaurant serves 40 people at once, you will need to leave aside about 200 square feet of kitchen space.
2) Strictly Follow The Guidelines Laid by the Health Departments for Commercial Kitchens
The Australian health department lays down some guidelines for commercial kitchens. They are meant to ensure food hygiene standards for commercial places. We strongly …

Buyers Guide to 3M's Painter's Tape

The Claim: The 3M Company's (blue) Painter's Tape can be left in place for up to 14 days without leaving a sticky mess. Reality check: As with most products, they should also tell you what it will do if you leave it on that long – or at least under what circumstances it can be left on for that long. My experience proves it isn't a good idea at all. Home improvement is stressful enough without having surprises thrown at you; especially if you do it yourself.
I recently had the urge to do some home improvement. It's summer. It seems like a good time to paint a couple of the rooms that really needed it. Since we do live so very far away from any city considered large (I think ours has a population of way less than 200) I filled the truck with gas and drove the 60 miles to the nearest Home Depot. I thought I knew how much I needed of everything- their computer will tell you how much paint you need for any given room so know the dimensions of each room. While the friendly paint guy mixed my custom colors I finished my list. …

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Makers in Melbourne Prefer Adding Glass to Cabinets

Glass is an excellent invention. Its use ranges to kitchen doors, windows and even cabinets. You want to transform the look of your kitchen? Consider adding glass to cabinets! Most modern kitchen cabinet makers in Melbourne prefer using glass to enhance the beauty of kitchens. Glass permits an easy way of displaying luring kitchen utensils, curios, dinnerware etc. The best thing about glass is the ease with which it can be installed. It also consumes relatively less installation time. If you desire to bring out an old world class image, then consider adding stained or discolored panels.

There are many quality kitchen designs that involve use of glass for you to employ. Replacing wood with glass is not a daunting task. You require a good quality router though. If you don’t have one, don’t buy it. Renting the router would be a prudent decision. Track the dado that holds the panel in the door frame. You would have to steer-out the rear edges of the groove first. This helps loosening the wood for easy removal of the wood frame. Thereafter, unscrew the hinges attached to the doors to separate the doors out. Keep the hinges loosely attached so that the …

How to Paint Cabinets

Tired of how your cabinet looks like? Don’t throw that away yet. You can do a project that can turn it into a brand-new looking one. It’s just a matter of repainting it. If repainting a big one looks daunting, you may start with a small cabinet.
Materials needed
150-grit sandpaper
high-gloss enamel paint
latex wood patch
liquid deglosser
pad sander
paintbrushes (3-inch straight, 2-inch trim, and tapered sash)
paint remover
putty knife
short-nap paint roller
tack rag

First step is to empty the cabinets and remove any shelves. Take off the doors and remove the hardware. If the hardware is painted, you can remove the old paint by soaking the hardware in paint remover.
1. Wash the cabinets with a mild detergent. Rinse with clean water and a sponge, then scrape away any loose paint with a putty knife. Use the putty knife and wood patch to fill any scratches, dents, or cracks. Let the wood patch dry.
2. Sand the cabinet surfaces with a pad sander and 150- grit sandpaper. Wipe away the sanding dust with a tack rag and spot-primer the patched areas and any bare spots with primer. If the cabinets …

Cabinet Knobs

Finding the appropriate cabinet door knob can truly enhance the look of your cabinetry. With a wide variety of hardware sources to choose from, settling on one particular style can be easier said than done. Most interior designers will advise to first settle on the hardware materials that you would like to see adorning your hardware. Once this decision has been made, you be able to limit down the number of choices, making the selection much easier to choose from
Cabinet Knob Material Choices
For those of you who want to keep your handle costs low, consider selecting a wood or metal knob with brass plating. Plastic will also provide you with many low cost options, but can make a quality cabinet look less desirable. Ceramic knobs also provide an inexpensive alternative to more expensive metals, and will look best with bathroom cabinetry.
Stainless steel is a fantastic knob option for high use cabinets such as those found in kitchens, because it is easy to clean and maintain. Stainless steel also matches many home appliances, making it an obvious choice for many. In recent years, decorative stainless steel has become a very popular material and is now widely available from …

Removing Painter's Tape Without Peeling

Whether you're a novice painter or a moderately skilled one, there's always one problem that comes up after all teh work is done; removing the tape. If you're painting a room and would like to save yourself the trouble of painting the trim and ceiling, you'll want to use painter's tape. This tape is simply masking tape used to cover the trim around the floor, ceiling, windows, and doorways. It usually comes in blue from brands such as Scotch and Duck. The tape costs around three or four dollars for a sixty yard single width roll. What makes this tape different from standard masking tape is that paint wont bleed through and it's supposed to be easier to remove,
Once the painting is finished and the paint is completely dry, it's time to remove the tape. Normally it's recommended that you wait around fourteen days for the paint to be completely settled before removal, but this technique will fix the wait. The problem is, the tape is easily removed, but so is the fresh paint! If you decide to just go ahead and start pulling on the tape you will most likely end up with paintless spots. THe good thing …

Kitchen Renovation – Melbourne Residents’ Guide To Kitchen Layouts

Along with the bathroom, the kitchen is one of the most popular parts of a home that property owners often remodel. But kitchen renovation, Melbourne homeowners should know, goes beyond stylish kitchen design. As kitchens have become the focal point of many homes, be it for entertaining members of the household and visitors or for the simple preparation of meals, property owners should also take into account functionality.
And when you talk about functionality in relation to kitchen renovations, Melbourne homeowners should remember that ergonomics holds equal weight to design preference. That applies even to the selection of fixtures and fittings.
Kitchens that deftly combine form and function begin with the effective utilisation of the room’s layout. Companies specialising in the renovation of kitchens, Melbourne homeowners should know, will tailor solutions based on the preferences of their clients whilst taking into account the size of the kitchen as well as its shape. Here’s a brief rundown of common kitchen shapes as well as their advantages.
The U-shape kitchen is utilised by homeowners who want a kitchen that effectively uses available space and is particularly popular because it can suit just about any kitchen size. The island kitchen utilises a freestanding …

How To Update Your Kitchen Without Spending A Bundle

The kitchen is the most highly used room in the house. It’s the middle of family activity, with folk coming and going everyday preparing and getting food or merely sitting around at the kitchen table getting some projects done. You could be beginning to notice that your kitchen is looking sort of worn out. Nevertheless you may not have enough cash for a major kitchen remodeling. There’s no need to worry.

You might still be well placed to breath new life into your kitchen by making some cosmetic enhancements or basic replacements. Read this text for some great ideas you can use. If your appliances aren’t working as well as they used to, it is time to go up to something new. Household appliances are eco friendly nowadays, and you are able to save cash on energy costs by purchasing new models. Look at your fridge, and consider how your folks uses it.
A few individuals like the two-door model because they like the exterior ice making machine, while others like the standard one-door model because they’ve got more room to store massive boxes. Ovens come with varied features. This is your opportunity to get something you actually like, so …

Swatchbox Tools: Virtual Interior Painter

Choosing the right paint color for a room in your home can be one of the most challenging parts of renovating or interior decorating. Even with the color samples provided at hardware stores, it can be difficult to visualize what the paint will look when coating the whole room, and how it will match with furniture and other décor. Luckily, Swatchbox Technologies has created a solution to this problem. Swatchbox Technologies (www.swatchbox.com) has created a number of virtual interior design tools, including a virtual interior painting tool. The Swatchbox interior virtual painter is easy to use, has extensive features, and runs smoothly within your web browser.
One of the most useful features of the Swatchbox virtual interior design tool is the ability to choose from a large number of popular paint manufacturers. Paints by Benjamin Moore, Glidden, American Tradition, and many more are included on the Swatchbox Website.
Once you have chosen your desired paint manufacturer, a new window opens. The new window showcases many different combinations of virtual room layouts. There are multiple bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens. You can even switch to an exterior view if you want to visualize changing your exterior paint color. …

The Secret of Finding Affordable Kitchen Cabinets

5 Secrets to Find the Best Discount Kitchen Cabinets - CabinetCorp
Remodelling your kitchen is likely to be one of the most expensive projects you undertake and it’s fair to say that new kitchen cabinets can make short work of as much as half of your budget. Whichever way you look it seems that kitchen cabinetry is way over the top expensive. It could be because getting a new kitchen has always been reliant on manufacturers, retailers and installers with the assumption that most customers also want a full kitchen installation, which needless to say makes a huge dent in your bank account.
However, you can do some of the work yourself, and by being a clever shopper and a little creative you can also save yourself a considerable amount of money.

Choosing your cabinets
The first important decision has to concern MDF. Whilst most people would prefer one hundred percent wood, it does drive the price up. MDF (medium density fiberboard) is at the other end of the scale and is usually seen in cheap kitchen cabinets, even those glossy looking cabinets you see in the big box stores such as IKEA. MDF is about as cheap as you can get but you need to make a decision as to …